Cancellation Policy 

Purpose: Briana Ottinger Fitness (BOF) and Briana Ottinger (Trainer) understands that personal emergencies may interfere with clients being able to keep an appointment time for a scheduled personal training, nutrition coaching, event coaching or other service provided (session). In consideration of these unforeseen circumstances, this policy and the subsequent no show and late policies, have been developed to create fairness to both client and trainer. These policies apply to both virtual (FaceTime/Skype), telephone and in person sessions.

Policy: Briana Ottinger Fitness requires a 12 hour notice to cancel any scheduled training or coaching session. If you do not appear for a scheduled session or fail to give 12 hours notice, you will be charged for the full session. You must receive confirmation of cancellation from the trainer. Clients who do not initiate contact for a cancellation are not eligible for the free cancellation.  Clients will receive one free short notice cancellation (short notice is less than 12 hours prior) without being charged a cancellation fee in a 6 month period). If the trainer, Briana Ottinger, must cancel a session with less than 4 hours notice, the trainer will provide the client with their next session free of charge.

Procedure: Phone or text cancellations will be accepted and should be responded to within four hours of receipt by the Personal Trainer. Email is not an accepted form of notification. To cancel a session, please notify the trainer as indicated. Briana can be reached by phone or text at 415-361-2622.

No Show Policy

If you do not show up (arrive in person, make contact for virtual or telephone conversation) for your session, the trainer will attempt to contact you by telephone 10 minutes after the start time. If you do not contact the trainer or do not arrive within 15 minutes of your scheduled session you will be considered a no show. An invoice will be sent for the cost of the missed session. If a package of sessions has been purchased your session will be forfeited.

Late Policy

Please arrive on time. Training sessions will end at the pre-arranged time-slot regardless of starting time. Training sessions will not be extended if the client arrives late as the trainer may have other obligations and the space may be reserved for another purpose following your session. If the trainer is late, time will be made up for at the end of the session if the trainers schedule allows or the session will be prorated for the time missed. Please contact the trainer as soon as possible by telephone if you will not be on time for a session, email and text are not acceptable methods of contact.


Clients will be given hard copy of this policy prior to starting a program with Briana Ottinger Fitness and are requested to sign or acknowledge in writing. Exceptions may apply and are at the discretion of the trainer.