Thanksgiving Thoughts & Recipes

Today I’m sharing a few family favorites along with what I’m cooking for the big day. Some of them are healthy and others are most definitely not. I think thanksgiving is as good a day as any to let loose and enjoy a few special treats. Balance them out with lots of veggies and be sure to stay hydrated.

Don’t forget to get in your 30 minutes for #noexcusenovember I’ve definitely missed a day or two, but I’m still averaging 30 minutes per day, every day this month. Are you rounding up the family for a Turkey Trot Thursday? I’ll be running the Concord Turkey Trot first thing on Thursday morning, hope to see you out there!


Click through to see what I’m cooking for the big day.

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Friday Favorites 11/17

Yes, we made it to Friday! I can hardly believe that next week is Thanksgiving?! Like where did the year go? I’ve been testing some new recipes, and remaking some family favorites in preparation for the big day. What’s on your menu for the big day. I’ll be sharing some of my family’s recipes this weekend so stay tuned!

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New AHA Blood Pressure Guidelines

The American Heart Association released updated blood pressure guidelines this week, and it may mean that you now fall in the at risk category for heart disease. Anyone with blood pressure higher than 130/80, now falls into the at risk category and is considered to have hypertension. This now means that nearly half (46%) of the adult American population has high blood pressure, previously it was 1 in 3 Americans.  Not sure what your blood pressure is? I suggest you make an appointment with your physician to have your annual check up and discuss your risk for heart disease.


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Friday Favorites 11/10

Welcome to the second edition of Friday Favorites. Today is Veteran’s day and I’m so grateful for the service of my grandfathers and all of those that fight for our freedoms on a daily basis. Take a moment to chat with a veteran, volunteer or send a card or care package to an active service member.

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Weekend Warrior


Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!

Weekends are a time to relax, connect with friends/family, travel and get your workout in. That’s right I said get your workout in! It can be tempting to want to sleep in, binge watch Stranger Things and indulge in your favorite foods. Trust me I’m a fan of doing all of those things, but weekends add up to 1/3 of your month, and consistency is the key to success. So sleep in a little, get your workout in, shove a lettuce wrapped burger in your face and enjoy the weekend.  You’ve earned it! Here are a couple tips to help you make the most out of those blissful 48 hours while staying on track. Read More

Friday Favorites 11/3

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It’s Fri-yay, cooler weather is finally here, day 3 of my #noexcusenovember challenge started off great and I’m excited for the weekend! Every week I’ll be sharing a few things I loved from the week whether its a product, recipe or exercise. Here’s a few of the things I’m loving this week.  Read More