Whole 30 Week 4

Guess what?! We’ve made it to the last full week of the Whole30! I’m really excited about this weeks meals. Most come together in 40 minutes or less and a lot of things can be prepped ahead of time. I’ve included some tips below to help make your week easier. Since it’s your last full weekend on the Whole30, why not make it special by cooking up a fancy pants meal for you and a friend. Or head out to a compliant brunch/lunch on Sunday morning. Celebrate your hard work, talk about your process for food reintroduction and pick up a copy of Food Freedom Forever.

Click through for this week’s plan and meal prep tips.

Whole30 Week 4

Sunday Meal Prep: 

Make egg muffins

Prep Asian Chicken Chopped Salad

Cook sweet potatoes for Monday’s dinner and throw an extra 1 or 2 in for Tuesday/Wednesday Breakfasts.

Prep chimichurri sauce for Tuesday night

Wednesday Night Prep:

Cook your spaghetti squash & Bacon for  Thursday dinner

Make Chia Pudding for Friday morning

Cook sweet potatoes for Friday Dinner

Remember, you can substitute regular potatoes for sweet potatoes, swap out any veggie you don’t like or add in your own recipes. I’m using this as a guide for my own week and it’s a sample of what I provide my clients. Make the most of this week, you owe it to yourself to finish strong! I’m so looking forward to having a chunk of my favorite chocolate when this is done, but also making a plan for reintroduction. Whole30 isn’t over on the 31st day, in fact some of the food choices you make immediately after finishing are the most important for finding the cause of your inflammation or gut distress. I’ll post more about reintroduction along with a shortened meal plan for next week. Now go treat yourself to a manicure, go for a run, buy a new cookbook, or head to your favorite yoga class because you’ve earned it!