Friday Favorites 1/19/18

Happy Friday! It’s been a crazy week, we started fostering a 3 year old weenie dog, Briella, on Monday and she’s turned our home upside down! We’re so in love with her already and so happy we get to spend the next few months with her. Oscar’s not quite as thrilled with her but they’ve been caught snuggling a few times.

A few weeks ago I posted a photo of my grocery haul from 365 by Whole Foods (a more accessible version of Whole Foods). I scored big time on some produce thanks to their rewards program and a 20% off coupon. They reached out asking if they could repost my photo and of course I said yes. Fast forward to this week when they posted it and  I was kind of shocked at how many negative comments there were on their inflated prices. I knew this weeks favorites had to be a post about saving money at the grocery store.

While I know first hand shopping at Whole Foods typically means “whole paycheck,” I was pleasantly surprised by the prices on my most recent visit to 365. Even without the coupon this would have cost me about $45, not bad for a full weeks worth of mostly organic produce! Click through after the photo to see what I stocked up on and my tips for saving $$


Here’s the run down of what I bought:

1 large bag of baby carrots 1 pound grapes
1 large red onion
2 packages blueberries
3 gala apples
1 package blackberries
2 granny smith apples 2 yams
6 bananas 1 sweet potato
3 lemons 1 red cabbage
3 limes 2 cucumbers
1 bunch collard greens
1 package crimini mushrooms
1 bunch parsley
1 can Coconut milk
1 bunch cilantro
2 GT’s Kombucha
1 bunch green onions
2 Whole Paws Dog Foods (not shown)
2 green bell peppers

The grand total for ALL of that: $32.18! That’s a lot of produce if you ask me, and the kombucha are about $3-$3.50 a piece. I’m sure a lot of you are skeptical, BUT I didn’t buy everything organic, I just went for the best price. I typically shop at Trader Joe’s or Nob Hill (Raley’s) and I don’t think I could have bought this much produce for under $40 at either store.

Here’s my top 5 tips for saving money at the grocery store:

  1. Buy loose or bunched greens and herbs instead of bagged or packaged greens.  You’ll save so much money, and a LOT of plastic. This whole cabbage was less than $1, a bag of pre chopped was over $2. The collard greens, also just $1. Cilantro & Parsley bunches were also about $1, packaged were again over $2.
  2. Buy organic for the dirty dozen only. I don’t buy organic everything, even the dirty dozen sometimes. I wash my produce REALLY well and buy organic when it makes sense. Getting those veggies in, organic or not, is in my opinion better than not eating them.
  3. Buy only what you need. Even if that means spending a few bucks more. A bag of lemons is only cheaper if I’m going to use the entire bag. If I’m going to use 1 or 2 and toss the rest I haven’t saved any money over just buying them individually.
  4. Stock up on store brands over name brands. Whole Foods’ 365 brand is very reasonably priced and I think the quality is above that of some other store brands.
  5. Look for sales, clip coupons, sign up for rewards programs and opt in to text/email offers. If I hadn’t opted in to their rewards program I wouldn’t have received the 20% off coupon or a $5 off $25 purchase. They just sent me a $10 off $50 coupon today. I plan to use it to stock up on sugar-free bacon and some other paleo goodies this weekend.

Bonus Tip: Bring your own bags, some stores will give you up to $0.10 off or donate it to a charity on your behalf. I also skip the plastic produce bags, unless I’m buying loose spinach or something that really needs to be in a bag, because less plastic is better for everyone.

What are your favorite money saving tips for grocery shopping and meal prepping? Let me know in the comments below. Have a great weekend!