I recently saw a post on Instagram about making intentions for the new year instead of resolutions. A resolution is “the act of solving a problem”, while an intention is a “thing intended; an aim or a plan” according to the dictionary. I love the idea of setting intentions and it’s something I plan to do for each month of the year as opposed to setting a bunch for the year and then forgetting about them mid February. Click through to read more about my goals for January.

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My first intention for January is to follow the Whole30 plan. You can find the full details of the Whole 30 program at Whole30.com. I’ve been doing a ton of reading, making a meal plan and shopping list, and prepping myself for success. January is the most popular month to do a Whole30, but it can be done anytime of year. I am not a fan of “fad diets” or diets in general, however, based on what’s currently going on with ME, I think it’s the best choice for MY body right now.


My second intention is to exercise for one hour every day. An hour a day may seem like a lot, but with an Ironman race just a few months away, I need to be moving. I’ve posted a full calendar of toning here, and will be swimming, biking and running everyday this month. I also hope to take some yoga, strength or spin classes, it’s been a while since I’ve tried a new class. Be prepared for lots of sweaty selfies this month.


My third intention is to be more present in myself, practice more self care and manage my time better. It’s too often that I get lost in my computer researching, producing content or doing business paperwork and loose track of an entire day. I plan to structure my days a bit more, take more breaks and set timers to avoid being sucked in. I’m inputting a no device rule at dinner and for 1 hour before bed yes this includes iBooks and my beloved Kindle. I have so many actual books on my shelves that are unopened or half finished and a massive pile of yarn just begging to be knit into a comfy scarf or blanket. I’m also going to make a calculated effort to truly connect with my friends and family, that means no more checking Instagram while grabbing coffee, or texting when I should be focusing on the person in front of me. I think there’s enough perfectly Instagrammed coffee pics in the world, am I right?! That’s not to say I won’t take photos of recipes I create/cook for  the blog, just that maybe I don’t need to take a picture of everything I eat.


What intentions or resolutions are you working towards in 2018? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear about them. I’ve journaled the ones above and a few others I’m not quite ready to share, yet. I’d love to check in with you and see how yours are going at the end of the month. If you still need some inspiration and guidance, I’m happy to chat with you. Did you know in addition to being a trainer & nutritionist I’m also a health coach?

Some of the people I look forward to for inspiration are Meredith Atwood and Lee From America. Meredith posted a #yearofnononsense list that is amazing along with a challenge group. Lee From America posts a beautiful representation of her monthly intentions on her Instagram @leefromamerica along with a monthly playlist.

Happy New Year!