With just 5 days until Christmas, working out may be the last thing on your mind. However a quick 30 minute workout can sharpen your focus, relieve stress and energize you. This HIIT (high intensity interval training) bike workout will have you in and out of the gym in a flash. Don’t have a bike? You can adjust this and do it on the treadmill or outside, see notes below. 

Adobe Spark (8).jpg

**To adjust this for treadmill or outside, do 5 mins hard, either a hill or sprinting followed by 1 minutes of easy jogging or walking.**

Post workout treat yourself to a cookie, cup of cocoa or festive holiday latte. My favorite right now is a hot, grande, half-caf, almond milk, 3 pump, gingerbread latte with light whip.

Let me know how the workout went by commenting below or checking in with me on Instagram. I’ll be doing a longer version of this on my Cycleops bike trainer today for IRONMAN Santa Rosa training.

Check back later this week for a gingerbread energy bites recipe, a healthy alternative to add to your dessert table this Christmas.


PS. today is the last day to drop off toys at most Toys for Tots locations around the country. Oscar and I re-gifted some nerf guns we received plus another toy we picked up from Target. Check the Toys for Tots site for drop off locations near you.

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