Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!

Weekends are a time to relax, connect with friends/family, travel and get your workout in. That’s right I said get your workout in! It can be tempting to want to sleep in, binge watch Stranger Things and indulge in your favorite foods. Trust me I’m a fan of doing all of those things, but weekends add up to 1/3 of your month, and consistency is the key to success. So sleep in a little, get your workout in, shove a lettuce wrapped burger in your face and enjoy the weekend.  You’ve earned it! Here are a couple tips to help you make the most out of those blissful 48 hours while staying on track.


Trade brunch for biking: Instead of meeting a friend for brunch, take a yoga class, go for a bike ride or try a new workout class. You’ll get in a great workout, connect on another level and have fun. I promise brunch will taste even better after a great workout.

Hit the road or go for a hike: Last weekend the hubs and I packed up the truck and headed to Apple Hill for the day. We indulged in our favorite apple cider donuts from Rainbow Orchard, hiked around an orchard, tasted wine and spent quality time together. It was great to get away, breathe in some mountain air and hike even if just for a few hours.

Indulge wisely: Split your favorite dessert or a burger and pair it with glass of wine or your favorite cocktail. Cocktails not your thing? Why not enjoy a festive latte and split a pastry or have some wings and fries while watching football. Treat yourself! It’s easy to keep portion sizes in check if you share with friends and try to limit it to one or two treats per weekend. Fun Fact: I ate gelato every. single. day. in Italy this year. I kept the portions small, walked everywhere, truly enjoyed it and didn’t gain a pound. My favorite flavor was this ricotta and fig from Gelateria Santa Trinita in Florence; the view of Ponte Vecchio at sunset was priceless.


Hit the farmers market: We are fortunate to have so many farmers markets all over the Bay Area. I’m especially fond of our little market here in Martinez, but I also can’t pass up Rooted Coffee’s Paleo waffles and cold brew in Walnut Creek. I love chatting with farmers and stocking up on fresh fruits, veggies, farm fresh eggs and flowers. Selection often varies based on the season, so I never make a list and grab what looks best. I then plan my meals around what I pick up on Sundays.

Sunday Runday: I love running a 5 or 10k on Sundays either by myself or with my local running club, Martinez Beavers Run Club. To find a run club near you check out the Road Runners Club of America website. Can’t find one near you? Why not start one by reaching out to friends and family, posting on Facebook or setting up a free event on Eventbrite. You can also ask around at sporting goods stores, running stores or check with local races to see if they have any community events coming up. Berkeley Half Marathon recently teamed up with Run365 and Whole Foods on Gilman to host a course preview and it was a blast! Perfect running weather plus samples from Healthade, Generation UCAN, nuun hydration and breakfast catered by Whole Foods were just some of the perks.


What’s on your agenda this weekend?  Let me know in the comments below. Have a great weekend and don’t forget to get in your 30 minutes for #noexcusenovember!